Enrich your stream !

With LeStudio enrich your stream with some widget who will make your stream more fun, more reactive and win more followers/subscribers.

A revolution in Streaming tools !

Let enter in 2024 with our complete solution and our visions.

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All our widgets can be customizable. We use Handlebars under the hood to make magic happened.

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Some of our widgets are connected to Elgato StreamDeck (or Touch Portal) to make changes less anoying.

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Our focus is to make sure that your experience is always fast and reduce your perf usage. Better perf, better quality !

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Because we care about our customers, your ideas will be always welcome to enhanced your stream experience.

What a better example than what we purpose !

Some of our best applications that you can use on our software

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by month (during beta)


Create a counter who can be controlled by a Elgato Stream Deck.

Usage example : Number of fail, Number of death during a speedrun, Win/Lose counter

Current Date

Create a widget who display current date or current time.

Usage example : Current stream date, Current time (hours + minutes)

Current Song

Create a widget who display which song you are playing from Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Youtube.


Create a widget who display a timer controlled by a Elgato Stream Deck.

Usage example : Display a timer before coming back, Display a timer to achieve a goal.

Current Poll

Create a widget who display current poll or prediction results. (Only from Twitch)

Sync Twitch Calendar

Sync your calendar to your Twitch planning (Ex: Google Calendar -> Twitch)

Closed captions

Add closed captions directly on your stream or on your obs video stream


Add weather informations on your stream

Current Last

Able to display last follow, sub, bit amd channel point request

Current Stats

Able to display followers, subscribers and viewers number


Create a timer who is increased by new follow/sub/bits !

Auto-Update Twitch Category

Update automatically your Twitch Category based on your running apps


Send content to Stream from Discord (like Cacabox)